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Wriize’s Masterstroke: Restructuring a Fintech Giant in 90 Days

Unlocking Growth and Innovation with Wriize IGSM

In the dynamic world of financial technology, the constant evolution of digital platforms and tools is essential for success. Today, we dive into a recent case study of a prominent fintech client we recently helped. In just three months, with Wriize’s strategic intervention, this company witnessed a monumental shift:

  • Improving brand presence
  • Boosting qualified traffic by an astounding 44%
  • Realising a remarkable rise in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Let’s take a detailed look at this transformative journey.

Initial Challenges

While having a significant market share, the fintech company was grappling with a plateaued growth curve. Their traditional growth and marketing structures are needed to provide the desired momentum. The key issues identified were:

  1. Static Organisational Roles: There needed to be more dynamism and flexibility in roles, making adaptability to changing market scenarios difficult.
  2. Obsolete Strategy: The existing marketing strategy must leverage digital trends and tools.
  3. Inefficient Tooling: The tools and platforms used were dated and didn’t offer the advanced analytics needed for informed decision-making.
  4. Ambiguous Positioning: The company’s value proposition needed more clarity, leading to diluted brand recall in potential customers.

The Wriize Blueprint

Recognising the need for a structural overhaul, Wriize undertook a meticulous analysis and developed a comprehensive restructuring plan covering various facets of the organisation.

  1. Role Revamp: Wriize proposed breaking down the traditional silos in the company. They introduced interdisciplinary roles, such as Growth Product Managers, overseeing a product’s growth from development to marketing, ensuring synergy in strategy and execution.
  2. Modernised Strategy: Wriize’s team integrated advanced data analytics, focusing on real-time insights. This enabled the fintech company to understand its customer behaviour better and forecast market shifts.
  3. Up-to-date Tooling: Adopting advanced tools like AI-driven marketing automation systems and predictive analytics platforms was suggested. These provided sharper insights into campaign performances and customer interactions.
  4. Repositioning for Clarity: A new branding strategy was crafted, emphasising the company’s core values and unique selling propositions. This helped differentiate the fintech firm in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Implementation and Outcomes

Wriize’s strategic blueprint was put into action, and within 90 days, the fintech company started witnessing tangible results:

  • Improved Brand Presence: With the revamped positioning, there was a notable spike in brand recall and recognition. Social media engagements shot up, and the company’s share of voice in online discussions grew exponentially.
  • 44% Boost in Qualified Traffic: The modernised strategy and cutting-edge tools enabled more focused targeting. Organic search rankings improved, PPC campaigns were optimised, and the overall user experience on the website was enhanced. As a result, traffic and ‘qualified’ traffic to the site increased by 44%.
  • Impressive ROAS Growth: One of the most significant outcomes was the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) spike. The fintech firm witnessed an increase of 72% in ROAS, meaning every dollar spent in advertising generated a much higher revenue than before. This directly resulted from more intelligent ad placements, dynamic budget allocation, and continuous performance monitoring.
  • Enhanced Employee Collaboration: By breaking down silos and introducing interdisciplinary roles, there was a marked improvement in collaboration between teams. This led to faster decision-making, streamlined execution, and a more cohesive work culture.

The Integration of All Elements

Wriize’s strategy was holistic. They didn’t just address individual issues but integrated them all for collective success. The newly defined roles fed into the new plan, which was then complemented by advanced tooling. Repositioning the brand was the cherry on top, giving the fintech firm a distinct identity. This all-rounded approach was the key to success in such a short timeframe.


The transformative journey of this fintech company is not just an isolated success story but a testament to Wriize’s capabilities and expertise in driving organisational growth. At its core, Wriize believes in a multi-dimensional approach to organisational innovation and growth. They don’t merely address the visible challenges; they delve deeper, identifying and rectifying the underlying structural issues that often hinder progress. By integrating advanced strategies with cutting-edge tools and reshaping roles and responsibilities, Wriize ensures that every aspect of an organisation is optimised for sustained growth. If you’re looking to propel your business forward in this rapidly changing digital era, Wriize’s comprehensive and holistic strategies could be the catalyst your organisation needs to leap into its next phase of success. Contact us today for a consultation.

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